ME Coral Glue Gel 20g

ME Coral

ME Coral Glue Gel 20g - Coral Fragging Glue


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ME Coral Glue Gel 20g

ME Coral Glue 20g Extra Thick Cyanoacrylate is ideal for frags and coral when needing to use a adhesive.

  •  A cyanoacrylate gel type instant adhesive.

  •  Can be used in the water.

  •  Ideal for Coral

  •  Extra Thick

  •  Adhesive for Decorations, Driftwood, Coral, Stone, Ceramics, Timber, Metal, Plastic - even leather.

  •  Excellent for gluing stony coral fragments to coral rock and other surfaces.

  •  No messy mixing of 2-part epoxy putties, or concern with irritation to tank inhabitants from leaching amine epoxy curing agents.

  •  Highest purity cyanacrylate adhesive available (not diluted with low-cost resins).

The ME adhesive gel glue can be used in or out of the water making it perfect for those imperfections or those items that just need a little fix me up for aquariums and tanks.

Warning:  EYE IRRITANT  BONDS SKIN IN SECONDS.  Contains cyanoacrylate ester.  If eye contact occurs, flush with water only and get MEDICAL ATTENTION.   If skin bonding occurs, peel, dont pull.  Soak in Acetone if needed.  Use in ventilated area.  KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS.

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