Mantis Hydrid Rack - Fits 2x Bio Block and 1x Carbon Block


Mantis Hydrid Rack - Fits 2x Bio Block and 1x Carbon Block



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Aquabella Hydrid Rack for Mantis Bio Filter Blocks and Carbon Block

These have been designed to provide the best possible water flow over the Mantis Bio filter media.

The purpose for this is to provide fresh water for the colonised bacteria to feed from and therefore reducing nitrate and phosphates.

Constant flow will also reduce the possibility of detritus depositing on the Mantis Bio filter media, and restricting food source to the bacteria.

This can lead to spike in ammonia, phosphates, and nitrates if the bacteria starve.

The racks have been manufactured with deflector wedges; this allows water flow throughout the racking system. Dead spots have been minimised during development with flow testing the prototypes.

The final product is the work of many hours of research and development.

MANTIS BIO FILTER RACKS are all made in Australia with best quality products available without compromise.

Comes in 3 colors:

  • White

  • Clear

  • Red

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