Mantis Bio Filter Block


Mantis Bio Filter Blocks - 2 Packs


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Mantis Bio Filter Blocks - 2 Packs

Inert ceramic material with open flow architecture and largest use-able surface area.

Higher efficiency relative to conventional media results requirements to achieve treat Ammonia and Nitrate.

Most technically advanced bio-filtration media.

The surface of the block is a microporous and has a large specific surface area.

It is suitable for the growth of various microorganisms and forms a stable and highly active biofilm on its surface.

The three-dimensional void (3D) formed by the sphere and the sphere produces a powerful bactericidal effect.

They are a great base for sponge growth, micro-fauna, and even coral frags.

Bio-Filter Block will work in sumps, trickle filters, wet/dry filters, hang on the back filters or directly in the tank.

Suitable for use in fresh, marine and pond water.

Surface area 1080 square/meter per block.

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