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Lifegard 3" Pro Max High Output Standard Germicidal UV 25W



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Pro-MAX Ultraviolet Sterilizer

Lifegard Aquatics introduces the Pro-MAX UV Sterilizer, featuring a patent-pending, flow-through design with less restrictive angled inlet and outlet ports requiring less plumbing.

This unique design enables easy installation of new or replacement systems as it can be positioned in multiple ways to fit any tight space.

Available with 3″ housing in 25, 40, 55, 90 and 120 Watt models and 5″ housing in 55, 90 and 120 Watt sizes.

Each Pro-MAX features a High Output UV Bulb, Internal Protective Sleeve, and UL Listed Ballast which counts down the number of days until you need to replace the bulb. Maximum Operating Pressure 30 PSI.

Watt: 25

Lamp Current: 1.2A

UV Output Micro Watts: .05

Inlet/Outlet: 2" Slip

UVC uW/cm: 50

Lamp Life (hours): 9000

UV-C Output (watts): 7.5

Max Flow Rate: 1000gph

Max Water Flow Algae & Bacteria UVC 30,000 uW/cm2: 550gph

Max Aquarium Size: 130g

Max Pond Size: 2400g

For Protozoa 180,000 µW/cm2 – Cut down the flow rate by minimum 1/6th. Monitor the temperature when reducing the flow as low flow may result in extra heat that can cause damage to the UV and system.

Lifegard Aquatics Pro-Max UV Sterilizer - Introduction and Features

Lifegard Aquatics Pro-Max UV Sterilizer - Setup, Ballast and Sleeve



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