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Jap Mat Filter Media (Japanese Matting) 2M x 1M x 38mm



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Jap Mat Filter Media 43cm x 33cm

Filter Media: Jap Mat (Japanese Matting)

  • Grade - Premium

  • Material - Polyester

A grade Jap Mat, rigid, durable and long lasting

  • Can be cut to size and is easily cleaned

  • Can be used for both mechanical and biological filtration.

  • Ideal for Koi and Goldfish ponds

Made of polyester strands this product is perfect for housing Aerobic Bacteria.

The product can handle just about any flow rate and with the large webbing design prevents clogging to the best of its ability.

Now a days it has expanded its uses to not only be used in Large Pond Filters but also become great padding in most Sump Filters both Freshwater and Saltwater alike.

Place the Mesh on top of your egg Crate partitions and use it as padding between your JBL Symec Wool, MarinePure Bio Media or Polyfilter Pads.

Cut to size this is a versatile and flexible product which can certainly find a spot in just about any filter.


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