Illumagic Blaze X150


Illumagic Blaze X 150 - Freshwater



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Illumagic Blaze X 150 - Freshwater

The Illumagic LED Freshwater light is a complete all in one LED light including wireless control and programming as well as individual settings for LED clusters and when uning multiple units they integrate into a single light control.

The Blaze X Series is a simple easy to use light providing an ideal spectrum that can be customised for your tanks lighting requirements.

Software Features

  • Programmable light period

  • Travelling sunrise and sunset

  • Compatible with iOS and Android mobile Apps

X Series Features

  • Adjustable color and intensity output

  • Full spectrum ranging from 390 to 700nm

  • Modular LED cluster, lens and driver assemblies

  • Real time clock

X Series Optics

  • High quality optics made from high transmittance silicone

  • No aging problem

  • Special pattern for light mixing

Illumagic Blaze X Freshwater

BlazIllumagic Blaze X Dimension

Illumagic Blaze X 120 Specifications:

  • 6 X 25 watt LED's Clusters

  • 600mm x 150mm x 42mm

  • 150 Watt power consumption

  • 7 LED spectrum to control

  • Bluetooth controllability free app download

  • Wireless programming for iphone and android

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