Fluval T150 Aquarium Heater


Fluval T150 Electronic Aquarium Heater 150W


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Fluval T Electronic Aquarium Heater 150W

Submersible T Series heaters combine electric accuracy, reliable monitoring and several safety features to conveniently maintain desired water temperature. 

  • Fully electronic heating with 24/7 monitoring for stable temperature control.

  • 360 degree indicator light ring displays heat mode clearly from any angle.

  • Added safety with auto shut-off and heater guard.

Digital Accuracy

  • Advanced electronic sensor accurately maintains desired water temperature.

  • 24/7 monitoring regulates temperature and avoids large, unsafe fluctuations.

Heat Indicator

  • Red represents when heating function is engaged.

  • Blue represents when heater function is in standby mode.

Added Safety

  • In absence of water, power is automatically cut to prevent overheating. 

Trusted Reliability

Whether in nature or in an aquarium, fish are sensitive to temperature fluctuations and can suffer from immune system shock if sudden shifts occur.

Investing in a reliable heating system that produces consistent water temperature will help the well being of your livestock.

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