Fluval Edge 46L Black


Fluval EDGE 2.0 Aquarium 46L - Black

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Fluval EDGE 2.0 46ltr Unit Black

The 46 Litre Fluval Edge measures 43cm wide, 59.4cm high and 26cm from front to back.

Simple, yet elegant, the architectural lines of the Fluval EDGE capture emotion and serenity in an easy-to-use aquarium setup. With fully-integrated LED lighting and powerful filtration, the EDGE brings life to any home or office space.

The new updated 2.0 model includes:

  • 6500K LED which simulates natural sunlight (2x brighter than previous model)

  • Quick access feeding door on the tank top

  • Adjustable filter flow

  • Touch switch LED with day and night illumination

  • Each individual LED casts 120 degree illumination for wider coverage

The Fluval Edge Aquarium in 46 Litres has the same footprint as the standard 23 litre model so it won't take up extra space but the double height allows more room for creative aquascaping, a larger viewing area to enjoy the beauty of the aquarium and allowing more room for fish. 

The Fluval Edge comes complete with the 6 sided Aquarium with base for brilliant all round viewing, Aquarium filter with filter media, Nutrafin Aquaplus 30ml water conditioner, Nutrafin Cylce Biological Aquarium Supplement 30ml x2, and a User Guide.

The filter contains mechanical, chemical and biogical filtration, the Foam Filter traps particles and debris, the Carbon Insert adsorbs odours, discolourations and impurities while the Biomax Insert expands the biological capacity.

The Fluval Edge Aquarium is easy to set up and maintain with the removable cover for easy aquarium and filter access.

Species particually suited to the Fluval Edge 46l Aquariums are Beta Splendens, Barbs, Danios, Goldfish, Crystal Red Shrimps and White Mountain Minnow.

In The Box

  • Fluval Edge Aquarium with Cover, Rear Column and Base.

  • Integrated Led Lighting System.

  • Aquarium Filter with Filter Media.

  • 30ml Water Conditioner.

  • 2 X 30ml Biological Enhancer.

  • User Guide. 


Length 43cm  x Width 26cm x Height 58cm



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