Fluval Bio Foam MAX 206/07 - 306/07


Fluval Bio Foam MAX 207 - 307


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Fluval Bio Foam MAX 206/07 - 306/07

Replacement Foam inserts for Fluval 206, 207, 306 and 307 canister filters.

Designed specifically for the 206, 207, 306 and 307 performance canister filters, Bio-Foam Max is a 2-in-1 biological and mechanical media that features a rippled surface pattern offering up to 30% more area for effective filtering of waste and debris.


  • Premium Biological and Mechanical filtration

  • Rippled surface pattern offers 30% more area to efficiently trap waste and debris

  • Prevents premature clogging extending life of subsequent filter media

  • Complex foam construction helps maintain even and consistent water flow

  • Ideal surface for growth of beneficial, nitrifying bacteria

  • Custom fit with no gaps to maximise filtration efficiency

  • Convenient 2-pack format

  • Replace every 6 months

  • For use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums


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