Dymax Scaping Foam Spray 400g


Dymax Scaping Spray 400g


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Dymax Scaping Foam Spray 400g

Please Note: This is not actually a foam as the name suggest. It is a glue ideal for attaching moss to wood. If you require a foam to create paludarium scape, the PondMax Black Foam is what you need. 

Dymax scaping foam spray produces a white translucent foam that can be use for terrarium, paludarium or even vertical landscaping and is one of their most sought after products.

This product cures in seconds and provides a firm support to the plants with the ability to bond driftwood, horn woods, coconut husk, rocks and even a spray bar, providing a more natural look to the scape.

  • Aquarium safe.

  • Allow product to fully cure before submerging.

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