Dymax pH Meter W/DM227 Electrode


Dymax pH Meter W/DM227 Electrode



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Dymax pH Meter W/DM227 Electrode

Dymax pH Meter accurately gives the pH reading for your aquarium water up to 2 decimal places. With a large LCD display, you can easily read the alkalinity and acidity of aquarium water at a quick glance.

With the included magnet mounting clamp, the Dymax pH meter can be attached on the aquarium glass for ease of reading.

Key Features:

  • LCD display with back light

  • Can be powered by battery (outdoor use) or AC adapter (indoor use)

  • 2 decimal accuracy

  • Magnet for mounting on glass up to 19mm thickness

  • Low battery indicator

  • Only 22mm thick, slim design

  • Rated 10 hours of outdoor use

What's in the box:

  • Meter

  • Power adapter

  • pH probe

  • Magnetic clamp

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