Dymax CO2 Tablets (20Tabs/Box)


Dymax CO2 Tablets (20Tabs/Box)


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Dymax CO2 Tablets (20Tabs/Box)

Dymax CO2 Tablets provide nutrients during photosynthesis for healthier plant growth.


  • Each tablet is use for 20 litres of water

  • An additional tablet can be added if there is insufficient Co2 for the plants

  • Use Dymax Iron & Root supplement to provide a complete nutrient for aquatic plants with luxuriant growth development

  • Maintain good water circulation to ensure nutrient & co2 are well distributed

  • Ensure Aquarium lights are turned on during this process

  • Ensure tablets are nor exposed to air when not used

  • Will cause slightly cloudy water due to the added nutrient

Keep out of reach of children

Do not use tablets other than the intended purposes

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