Deltec Kalkwasser Stirrer KM500


Deltec Kalkwasser Stirrer KM500 (5L) - 1000L



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Deltec Kalkwasser Stirrer KM500

The Deltec KM 500 Kalkwasser Stirrer is perfect in providing the marine aquarium with saturated Kalkwasser. When linking the Kalkwasser Stirrer into a automatic water level top-up method that the source of Kalkwasser into your aquarium is automatic.

The continiously generated acids at the marine aquaria have been neutralized, the carbonate hardness is going to be stabilized. An excessive gain in the pH value has been averted through the automatic and slow (top-up system) water source.

The Deltec KM 500 Kalkwasser Stirrer may be operated together with the Deltec Calcium Reactor with favorable influence. Kalkwasser compensates the surplus of bicarbonate of this calcium reactor through extra calcium source. Kalkwasser is continiously saturated throughout the mixing movement.

measurements (l/w/h) 150x150x480mm
power consumption 7,5 Volt 3 Watt
capacity appr. 5 ltr. Kalkwasser/h.

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