Deltec Hang On Skimmer MCE400


Deltec Hang On Protein Skimmer MCE400



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Deltec Hang On Protein Skimmer MCE400

  • Normal Stocking: 100-gallons

  • Light Stocking: 135-gallons


The MCE400 has a compact design. This allows the unit to hang onto aquariums with limited external room, and gives it the flexibility to hang on almost any brand of aquarium.


  • Compact design.

  • Can be hung on the outside of the aquarium or sump.

  • Draws its own water from the aquarium via the internal needle wheel pump.

  • Extremely low power consumption.

  • Quick and easy removal of the pump.

  • Includes mounting brackets to hang outside the aquarium or sump.


  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 8.5″ x 3″ x 19.5″ (normal position)

  • Power Consumption: 9 watts, 350 liters of air/hr.

  • Pump: DCS400 (AC Pump)


  • Normal Stocking: 100 gallons

  • Light Stocking: 135 gallons

How do I start my MCE400, MCE600 or MCE601 protein skimmer?

  1. To get water flowing through any of the Deltec hang on the back protein skimmers please follow the following procedure once the skimmer is positioned correctly on the aquarium.

  2. Shut the orange air control valve.

  3. Remove the collection cup.

  4. Using a jug, carefully fill the body of the skimmer with water from the aquarium until water starts to flow out of the outlet pipe.

  5. Replace the collection cup, position it so that it is sitting high in the body.

  6. Plug in the skimmer pump. Water should start to be drawn up the inlet pipe.

  7. Once water is flowing through the skimmer slowly open the orange air tap until it is in a rough 2 o’clock position.

  8. The skimmer should now be running, if the unit is new or on a new tank it is best to leave the collection cup sitting high up to start with and then lower over the next few days as the skimmer settles.

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