Dalua Great White Return Pump 12,000 lph

Great White

Dalua Great White Return Pump 12,000 lph


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Dalua Great White Return Pump 12,000 lph

DC controller, feed modes and adjustable flow on this small profile but super powerful return pump.


The heart of our most popular product The Great White Return Pump is now available as a fully functional, dead silent and controllable return pump. As you know this pump packs a huge punch of flow at an ultra low energy output as well. Control your flow rate, enable feeding pause modes all in an easy to use DC controller that attached to your cabinet door.


20 Flow Settings –Control your pump speed in the slightest of increments

Detachable Controller – Waterproof union connection and adhesives for cabinet installation

Integrated Memory – Keeps programming even during power outages.

Feed Mode – Shuts down for 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

Submersible – Perfect as a return, closed loop, or reactor/filter pump.

Super Quiet Operation – Literally whisper quiet at less than 5 decibels


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