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Coral - Torch Gold



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This photo is only a representation of the shape, size and color of the coral you will receive unless it is a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) listing.
If you would like to see the exact size and shape of this coral we currently have for you to choose from, we can take a quick phone photo and send it to you. Text us on 0478 587 685 or send us a Facebook Message.
Price may vary depending on size.
Please note that the phone photo may differ from the photo shown here. Also note, the coral you receive may look slightly different to the photo you see here as your light settings may differ to ours and the coral may change color due to the stress of transportation.

This is how the photographs taken:

Phone Photo: Samsung Galaxy with 10K setting and Polyp Lab Lens Filter under Aqua Illumination Hydra (30% UV, 100% Royal Blue, 100% Blue, 0% Violet, Red, Green, White).

Main Photo: Cannon 5D MkII 100mm Macro Lens under Kessil A360 (100% Blue, 0% White) and (100% Blue, 100% White).

How the corals are kept in our system:

At Aquaristic, we assume that our corals will stay in our care for long term before they get sold so we manage our selling tank exactly like we manage our display systems.
Our selling tank is controlled by Reef Factory KH Keeper.
Supplement used: Coral Essentials Calcium, Alkalinity and Magnesium + Trace.
Manual dosing: Coral Essentials Potassium, Boron, Iodine, Bromide as per needed.
Vitamins and Aminos: Red Sea Energy Plus
Feeding: Live phytoplankton, Vitalis Anemone Pellet, Frozen food mix: Ocean Nutrition Rotifer, Lobster Egg, Mysis, Artemia.

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