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Coral Essentials Molybdenum 50ml



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Coral Essentials Molybdenum 50ml

ICP testing of marine aquarium tanks is fast becoming a must do part of our regular maintenance activities if we are to ensure the water quality remains pristine.  We have listened to our customers and developed a range of the most required individual trace elements to tweak the levels in your system.  

It's as simple as analysing your ICP test results, decide the level your tank should be at, enter values into our dosing calculator, add the recommended amount.  

Just another way all of us here at Coral Essentials help make sure your tank is the best it can possibly be.

For the advanced aquarist 1ml (20 drops) will raise the molybdenum levels by 0.006 ppm (mg/L) or 6 ppb (µg/L) for each 100L of tank water.  If  you know the molybdenum depletion rate then dose accordingly.  If you know how much you need to raise your molybdenum levels then use our Dosing Calculator

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