Continuum Aquatics Clarion Marine 500ml

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Continuum Aquatics Clarion Marine 500ml


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Continuum Aquatics Clarion Marine 500ml

A technologically advanced clarifier & cloudy water controller for marine and reef aquaria


  • Clarion Marine is a technologically advanced, premium quality, maximum strength clarifier that immediately and safely begins flocculate dirt, bacteria, parasites, and other debris or cloudiness causing particles into clumps that can easily be removed by a good mechanical filter with fine filter floss.

  • It is not an algaecide.

  • It is a high tech, long chain polymer that is safe for sensitive invertebrates and marine fish.

  • Contains no aluminum, silicates, phosphates or nitrates.

  • 100% biodegradable.

Use in aquarium keeping

  • Caution: Green water in a marine aquarium is a sign of a serious and dangerous condition.

  • It may indicate seriously low oxygen levels and high ammonia levels.

  • If you use this product for green water, clean the filter media regularly, and test the system for high nitrite and ammonia levels.

  • If found, treat immediately with Fraction per the directions on the label and if necessary, initiate large partial water changes.

  • Gasping fish may need to be removed to another system until the condition can be brought under control.

  • Clarion is not meant as a substitute for good maintenance practices.

  • Aquariums that get cloudy often are a sign that other issues need to be addressed, such as increased filtration, less feeding, not overstocking and possibly lowering chemical additions, temporarily.


  • Not for use in freshwater aquariums!

  • Dilute 1 capful (5 ml) in a cupful of treated purified water for every 50 US gallons (200 L) of marine aquarium water to be treated.

  • Mix thoroughly and disperse around the aquarium in areas of good water flow.

  • Repeat in 24 hours if necessary.

  • If the aquarium is exceptionally cloudy, you can double the dose, but closely observed inhabitants for signs of stress and take appropriate action if necessary.


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