Continuum Aquatics Bio Viv Hufa 250ml

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Continuum Aquatics Bio Viv Hufa 250ml


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Continuum Aquatics Bio Viv Hufa 250ml

Essential lipid (HUFA) with omega-d fatty acids EPA & DHA in complex form for all fishes.


  • Bio Viv HUFA essential lipid and vitamin complex provides essential Omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA for growth and health of all fishes.

  • It is particularly recommended for fish suffering from HLLE, head and lateral line erosion as a dietary supplement, and for immune system support.

  • No medicinal claims are made for this use.

  • It is designed to work with Bio Viv M or F multivitamin and results will be enhanced by simultaneous use.

  • It does not require refrigeration, but refrigeration after opening will prolong its shelf life significantly. Bio Viv HUFA contains no glycerin, polysorbates or sugars.

Use in aquarium keeping

  • Bio Viv HUFA will help prevent deficiencies of essential oils.

  • These oils are normally found in natural food sources in the ocean, but may not be present in dry, frozen or even live food sources, or at least in sufficient quantities to satifsy marine or freshwater fishes needs.

  • Essential oil deficiencies can be responsible or a contributing cause for diseases in aquatic animals, just as in humans.

  • It is prudent for the hobbyist to pay close attention to the variety, and quality of foods for both fishes and invertebrates, and the addition of Bio Viv HUFA and Bio Viv M or Bio Viv F will help make sure that your animals get the broad range of vitamins and essential nutrients that they need without overloading the aquarium with unwanted ingredients. 


  • Shake very well prior to use.

  • Add 1 or more drops of Bio Viv HUFA to dry, previously frozen, or live food as a soak and let stand for 15 minutes (45 minutes for live food).

  • For best results, also add 4 or more drops of our marine multivitiman Bio Viv M for marines or Bio Viv F for freshwater.

  • Similarly, use to fortify liquid food supplements.

  • May be mixed with our Bio Viv Garlic as an attractant for finicky eaters.

  • Bio Viv HUFA is not meant to be added directly to the aquarium and is too strong for such use.

  • Do not insert any tool into this bottle, particularly do not allow aquarium water to enter the bottle, to do so will introduce bacteria into the product and accelerate its decomposition.

  • Instead, add appropriate amount of Bio Viv HUFA into a cup.

  • Feed all that you add or pour and do not return any product to the container (again to prevent contamination). 


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