Chihiros C Glass Spiral CO2 Diffuser


Chihiros C-Glass Spiral CO2 Diffuser


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Chihiros C-Glass Spiral CO2 Diffuser


  • Brand New and high quality.

  • Made of borosilicate glass material, high clearness.

  • Gives your tank a great and special look.

  • Compatible with pressurized CO2 tanks and DIY yeast bottles.

  • Rhinox shape glass bubble counter that helps you to estimate amount of CO2 release into your aquarium.

  • Bubbles moves along the Spiro upward, and when it escape from the Spiro, you can count bubbles per second.


  • Fill the counter with water.

  • Connect the CO2 tubing to the inlet of the counter.

  • CO2 gas from the pipe will create bubbles in the water.

  • Count the number of bubbles per second to make calculation.

  • Counter can be placed outside of the tank. Use the suction cups provided to attach in on the aquarium glass.


  • Material: Borosilicate Glass

  • Color: Clear

  • Size: 135X20mm

Package included:

1PC* CO2 Diffuser (includes 2 suction cups)

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