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Buce Moss - Solenostoma Tetragonum (5x5cm)

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Buce Moss Solenostoma tetragonum


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Fully grown/attached on steel mesh for at least 10 weeks

Bucephalandra Moss aka Buce Moss has a similar appearance to Mini Pellia, but is light green in colour, with smaller, more delicate fronds and leaves. Growth is slow and extremely compact.

Due to its small features and compact growth, it is best placed in the foreground to midground of your aquarium where it can shine as a focal point or fill in gaps.

Buce Moss is actually a species of liverwort rather than a moss, it is hardy and reasonably easy to grow, requiring medium lighting or higher with injected CO2 recommended for best form. With this said, CO2 is not a necessity. Buce Moss can be grown under low lighting but will develop very slowly and will not be as attractively compact.

In terms of light requirement, buce moss tolerate a wide range of light from very dark to high light.

It prefers temperatures below 29°.

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