Bashsea Pellet Master 1


Bashsea Master 1 Bio Pellet Reactor - For up to 600L Tank



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Bashsea Pellet Master 1

The design of the pellet master series is not your standard pellet reactor design. Unlike a lot of reactors seen in the hobby, there are no foam pads. This means there is nothing to get clogged up and no consumable parts in the reactor itself. Instead of using sponge pads, the reactor uses a fine-tooth screen that can be removed for cleaning when needed.

The teeth on this screen are close enough together to keep most media from escaping, but also spaced far enough apart to keep the water flow sufficient enough to tumble the pellets. And since the biopellets dissolve as they are being used, the lack of a foam pad is actually desirable as the media bacteria leftovers can escape the reactor and be skimmed off.

The base plate merely had a single row of holes. The outermost pellets get pushed upward, causing the rest of the pellets to be drawn into the current. This circular water flow, allows the pellets to be moved around rather violently.

Bashsea Pellet Master PM1 

  • 9.25″ Tall. Chamber: 5.5″ diameter.

  • Start with at least 100 ml of media. Unit can hold upto 750ml whicle maintaining a good tumble

  • Requires a 750 to 2000 lph pump – flow dependant on volume of pellets used.

  • 1/2″ hose barb inlet/outlet

  • For tanks up to 600 litres

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