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Aquavitro Vibrance 350ml (Potassium Iodide)


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Aquavitro Vibrance 350ml

  • A highly concentrated (10,000 mg/L) naturally stabilized potassium iodide source

  • The most stable iodide supplement available

Iodide is a critical element for the health and formation of soft tissue in invertebrates (such as gorgonians, sarcophytons, etc). It has also been shown to be critical for the development of pigments in corals, corallimorpharia, and anenomes, both the golden brown of zooxanthellae and the green and red colors of accessory pigments.

Most iodide supplements on the market are simply potassium iodide. When added to an aquarium environment, iodide becomes unstable converting to elemental iodine (which is biocidal) and iodate (which is useless to corals, toxic at elevated levels, and can't be tested for). Iodide is the only form of iodine available to corals for uptake. Because of this instability, iodide must be stabilized for aquarium use.

Vibrance is a highly concentrated (10,000 mg/L) naturally stabilized potassium iodide source for reef aquaria that will restore and maintain iodide levels to those found in natural sea water. Our proprietary stabilization process makes Vibrance the most stable iodide supplement available. It's also the most concentrated and comes with a pipette for precision dosing. It is formulated to provide a safe source of iodide that will not convert to toxic free iodine under storage or reef conditions.


Use the included pipette for dosing. Filled to the base of the bulb, the pipette holds 1 mL.

Use 1 mL for every 100 L (25 gallons*) every day to raise iodide by 0.10 mg/L. If necessary, adjust amount added so that iodide reads 0.06 - 0.08 mg/L six to twelve hours after the last dose (iodide is utilized rapidly). Thereafter, use this new amount daily and check iodide once a week.


The aquavitro cap offers multiple dosing solutions depending on the size of your system. Each inner cap thread is approximately 2 mL. The inner cap contains 7 mL, while the outer ring contains 28 mL (35 mL when both are filled to the level of the inner cap.) When filled to the top, the cap contains 49 mL.

Use Seachem MultiTest™: Iodide and Iodine to measure iodide.


Will vibrance™ destabilize in the reef aquarium and if so, will it register on the Seachem's MultiTest® Iodide kit as Iodine or not register at all on the test kit? In other words, I'm looking for a total consumption indicator.

A: One of the unique benefits with vibrance is that it won’t destabilize in the bottle or in the reef tank. Our unique stabilization process ensures that it stays in the form of iodide and never changes over to iodine, which can be toxic in a reef environment. Due to this, it will read as iodide on our test kit and you will be able to accurately measure the consumption rate.

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