Aquario Neo Booster Plant 300ml


Aquario Neo Booster Plant 300ml


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Aquario Neo Booster Plant 300ml

Effective supply of organic carbon

Plants use light and carbon dioxide to synthesize organic carbon, an essential energy source, called photosynthesis. The three major fertilizers in plants are potassium nitrogen phosphate. But organic carbon is essential for plants to absorb it. It most effectively supplies organic carbon to plants.

Enhances plant growth and color

Without organic carbon, plants cannot use fertilizer. It supplies organic carbon directly to plants, thereby strengthening plant growth and color development.

Prevents bad algae

Bad algae occur when there is too much fertilizer in the water.
When used, plants absorb enough fertilizer in the water to prevent bad algae as a result.

Safe ingredient for fish

This product consists of ingredients that are safe for fish and shrimp.
It also becomes a nutrient for bacteria, making the water clearer.

Recommended usage

  • 40 liters (approximately 10 gallons) tank with 10ml (1cap = 5 ml (300 ml product) or 10 ml (1 liter product))
  • Use this product alone if there is a lot of fertilizer in the water or on the bottom, such as in the beginning of setting If not, use both this and fertilizer at the same time


  • If you add too much, but the water may come cloudy, and in this case, change the water
  • Shake it before using it.
  • The growth of water plants depends on the environment.
  • It may a slightly smell and natural ingredients are observed, but it is normal.
  • This product consists of ingredients that are safe for fish and shrimp.
  • It does not supply Co2 to plants and does not remove bad algae.
  • Use it only for aquariums and stay away from children and pets.

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