Aqua Illumination Prime 16 HD Black

Aqua Illumination

Aqua Illumination Prime 16 HD Black


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Aqua Illumination Prime 16 HD Black

Huge Light in a Tiny Package.

HD Power

No longer are you limited to using a fixed amount of power per channel, the Prime 16HD dynamically adjusts power available to each color, borrowing power from the colors you’re not utilizing. Giving you the most vivid spectrum your tank has ever seen.

HD Spectrum

The Prime 16 HD Series is capable of producing a limitless number of spectral combinations to fit your tank’s exacting needs.

Dedicated Moonlight

A dedicated moonlight channel simulates natural lunar color and intensity.

Simple Built-in Control

All AI devices include smart control standard. Use the myAI® app on any iOS or Android device to easily set up or program your AI equipment.

The World’s Most Popular Reef LEDs

The newest innnovation in the Prime Line from Aqua Illumination, the prime 16 HD brings more power and color where you want it, plus the freedom to use your smartphone as a controller.

My AI Dashboard

Each tanks has a dasboard with easy-to-access quick keys for turning your lights on'/off or changing the mode.

Schedule Mode

Our intuitive schedule mode is so easy to program you'll have plenty of time for more important task, like enjoying your corals.

Schedule Mode: Easy Setup

Want an even easier to program your lights? We've got you covered. our easy setup wizard is a breeze.

Manual Mode: Kelvin

Set your lights to the exact color temperature your corals need with our handy Kelvin Wheel


Installing new equipment can be stressful for your livestock. Acclimationmode provides the gentle transition they need to adapt and thrive.


Power Output

With a spread of 24″ x 24″, the AI Prime® 16HD has a peak PAR of 100µMol at a depth of 24 inches, perfect for the small to medium reef tank. Drawing a maximum of 55 watts from the wall, it follows in the family’s efficient footsteps.


The AI Prime® 16HD comes standard with TIR lenses giving you the best balance of power and spread. Our lens optics are custom designed, boasting greater than 90% optical efficiency and including a diffuse exit surface to provide improved color blending.


The AI Prime® 16HD utilizes the latest LED technology from leading manufacturers, arranged to provide the best performance.

4 – Cool White

4 – Blue

4 – Royal Blue

1 – Photo Red

1 – Green

1 – Violet

1 – UV

1 – Moonlight

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