Aquael Unipump 1500


Aquael Unipump 1500 - 1400L/Hr


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Aquael Unipump 1500

The Aquael UniPump is a modern, energy-saving straightway pump featuring a slim form factor combined with excellent operating parameters. The pump is designed to feed canister filters (e.g. MultiKani or MaxiKani) and other devices used in freshwater and marine aquariums (coolers, sterilisers, protein skimmers).

The UniPump can be run either in an inline or submersed position allowing for flexibility in the setup of your aquarium.

Product description

AQUAEL has expanded its range of products to include three novelty aquarium pumps: UNI PUMP 700, UNI PUMP 1000, UNI PUMP 1500. Their main features are: excellent energy efficiency, high performance, small size, and modern design.

UNI PUMP 700, UNI PUMP 1000, UNI PUMP 1500 can serve to pump water or to actuate canister filters and other aquarium devices (e.g. sterilisers, coolers, skimmers, etc.). Thanks to their water-tight design, they can be operated either fully submerged in the water or out of the water (as straightway pumps). The pumps are suitable for use in fresh water and salt water alike. Their main advantages are: a small size (they will fit into any fish tank, sump, or aquarium stand), low power consumption (12 and 19 W correspondingly), quiet operation and ease of installation. In addition, they have an interesting design that will combine perfectly with other devices used in modern aquariums.

UNI PUMP 700 is powered by 12V low-voltage current (safe power) via an adaptor mounted on the connector that facilitates the installation of the device e.g. inside aquarium stands. Being a low-voltage device, the pump can also be recommended for purposes other than fish-keeping, since it can be used wherever people are required to come into direct contact with water while the device is in operation (e.g., laboratories, restaurants, etc.).

Product Description:

  • Power: 19W

  • Flow Rate: 1400L/Hr

  • Max Head: 1.5M

  • Dimension: 22.5x7

  • Diameter Hoses: 16/22

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