Aqua One Filter Wool Coarse

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Aqua One Filter Wool Coarse 200 x 25cm Bag


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Aqua One Coarse Filter Wool Bag 200x25cm

Aqua One Aquarium Filter Wool is a high quality mechanical and biological filtration media used to remove waste and particulates from the aquarium. Filter wool provides a place for beneficial bacteria to colonise and helps keep water clean.

  • Cut to size filter media

  • Lightweight and soft design

  • Washable and reusable

  • Can be used in most filter types

  • Suitable for the freshwater, tropical, coldwater, Ponds and Saltwater use

Aqua One Filter Wool is a versatile filter media and can be used in a variety of filters:

  • Aqua One Aquarium Top Filters

  • Hang on Filters

  • Canister Filters

  • Trickle / Mini Reef Systems

  • Internal Filters

  • Internal Box/Corner Filters

  • Pond Filters

  • Most Aquarium or Pond filtration units


  • Cut to size and lightly pack wool into filter as required

  • Change wool as necessary amd regularly

Size: 200cm x 25cm

Aqua One Product Number - 10392

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