Aqua One BT10 Betta Tank

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Aqua One BT 10 Betta Aquarium White

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Aqua One BT 10 Betta Aquarium White

Aqua One BT 10 Betta Aquarium provides everything you need create the ideal environment for your Betta, Shrimp or small Tropical fish.

The contemporary aquarium is equipped with an efficient LED light unit, a heater to provide a consistent temperature and a fully submersed filter to help maintain water quality, keeping your aquatic inhabitants happy and healthy.

Features & Benefits:

  • Contemporary Curved glass design allows for 180° views of your aquarium

  • Fully submersible low-profile internal filter provides a combination of biological, mechanical, and chemical filtration

  • LED light unit provides bright and efficient lighting to create a visually stunning spectrum that enhances the colours of your aquarium and its inhabitants; with two different light settings, which consist of white/moonlight and moonlight only

  • 25W preset heater provides a temperature-controlled accuracy of plus or minus 1°C

  • Removable lid allowing easy access for maintenance

  • Easy to set up and maintain

  • Available in various colours

Suitable For: Betta, Shrimp and Small Tropical

Replacement Parts / Media:

  • 25169I IMPELLER SET 169I


Available In: 

  • 56295BK - BT 10 BETTA GLASS AQUARIUM 10L 25.5W X 21D X 26CM H (BLACK)

  • 56295WH - BT 10 BETTA GLASS AQUARIUM 10L 25.5W X 21D X 26CM H (WHITE)

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