Aqua One Bio Balls 300 Pack

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Aqua One Bio Balls 300 Pack



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Aqua One Bio Balls 300 Pack

Aqua One Bioballs are plastic spheres with a special hollow construction and high surface area which encourage the growth of aerobic filtration bacteria which are essential to any aquarium's health.

The Balls are very light and often 'tumble' gently in the external filter's canister, this helps to scrub off debris and prolong effective working life between clean outs. Aqua One Bioballs work well in any filter but are orginally designed to work with the Aqua One Canister Filters and Advance Series Canister Filters

Aqua One Bio Balls are plastic spheres, with a lightweight hollow construction that provides a high surface area for good bacteria to break down the fish waste and debris in the filter.

Bio Balls are a low maintenance biological filter media.

They are designed for the following filters:

  • All Aqua One Aquis 500, 700, 1000 & 1200 Canister Filters / CF500, CF700, CF1000 & CF1200

  • All Aqua One Aquis Advance 550, 750, 1050 & 1250 Canister Filters

  • Can also be used for other canister filters and other filter types

One pack includes 300 x Small Plastic Bio Balls

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