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Abyzz AFC400IPU (220000L/Hr) 10M Cable



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Abyzz AFC400IPU


Abyzz AFC400IPU – Flow pump

The innovative Abyzz Flow Cannon AFC400 with its high-end design including a titanium rotor unit, titanium mounting frame and carbon fibre parts next to durable plastics consists of the pump itself and a powerful and programmable driver. Containing a very energy efficient motor and providing the exact adjustment for your application, it offers a very energy-saving solution.

The integrated bearing flushing provides optimum protection against calcification and, in conjunction with the silicon carbide bearings and special hard metal shaft, ensures low-maintenance operation. All metal parts are made out of titanium grade 2 and other parts are made out of high quality PA, PVC and carbon fibre. This composition ensures a long lifetime, thus granting highest sustainability and lowest carbon footprint.

Several mounting options are offered to suit any needs. Due to many available mounting points, even a customer specific mounting can be done very easily. The special three-bladed prop and a well designed hydraulic lets the pump operate with almost no noise or vibration.

An additional coat flow ring provides low output speed and a softened laminar flow. Easy programming (as in any Abyzz pump) and the possibility to link to external controllers offers a wide field of application.

The materials used are designed to have a long lifetime and meet the highest requirements and quality standards. This product is developed and manufactured in Germany by venotec.

Special features

  • Variable speed range (0 – 100%)

  • Programmable control (eg wave and random mode)

  • Extensive protection against e.g. dry running,

  • overtemperature and overcurrent)

  • Smooth start

  • Bus-capable interface for peripherals

  • Lockable plug contacts

  • Low noise operation

  • Wide range of mounting options

  • Rock-stable mounting available (not included)


  • Freshwater and seawater aquaristics

  • Ponds

  • Creeks

  • Large scale aquariums

  • Shark tanks

 Technical data

  • Mounting only submersed, minimum submersion depth 0,6m

  • Flow (nominal): 165.000 l/h

  • Flow (max.): 220.000 l/h

  • Discharge speed (max.): 3,3 L/s

  • Power consumption: 4-400W

  • Operating voltage: 200-240V ~ oder 90-120V ~

  • Operating frequency: 50… 60Hz

  • Ambient temperature: 2°C - 40°C 

  • Immersion depth (max.): 8m

  • Cable length (pump): 10m


  • Abyzz AFC400IPU and driver AFC400IPU (splash-water protected)

  • Power cable and connection cable

Additional information

Dimensions: 600 × 400 × 330 mm


The processed materials are designed for a long service life and meet the highest requirements and quality standards. All Abyzz products are developed and produced in Germany. Each Abyzz pump is fully tested prior to shipping. So we can ensure you get only the perfect product.

All Abyzz pumps come with a 10-year lifetime warranty after registration – at no extra cost, of course!

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