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2HR Aquarist APT Est 300ml


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2Hr Aquarist APT Estimative Index

With the 2HR Aquarist APT-EI, the famous nutrient dosing approach pioneered by Tom Barr is now available in a ready-to-use concentrate that removes the guesswork from trying to recreate this powerful and sometimes elusive formula.

Dose 5ml per 100L 3 times per week or 2ml per 100L daily.

Comes with a calibrated pump.

300ml. Lasts approximately 3 months for a 150L tank.

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Dosage Guide for APT 1 ("APT Zero") and APT 3 ("APT Complete")

APT Dosage

Total Dose in 1 week: this is the important target. It is the cumulative total amount that you should dose in one week. Plants do better with more uniform access to nutrients, so achieve this weekly target by dosing daily or a few times a week. Precision is less important than consistency.  

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