Aqua One NanoReef 80

Aqua One

Aqua One NanoReef 80 (45L x 45W x 45H cm) 80L

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Aqua One NanoReef 80

Aquarium set come complete with:

  • Glass tank with opticlear glass

  • Removable glass lids

  • LED light

  • Integrated filter

  • Protein skimmer

  • Glass heater

  • LED light unit includes a dimmable function, accessed by holding down the touch switch

  • Silicone coated LED light panel assists in the protection against water buildup

  • Fourth light setting provides blue light from the unit’s center, illuminating the inhabitants of your aquarium

  • Integrated filter provides biological, chemical and mechanical filtration

  • Protein skimmer removes organic waste from your aquarium, making it clean and clear

  • Glass heater assists in maintaining correct temperatures by allowing easy and accurate thermostat adjustment

  • Removable glass lids allows easy access for maintenance

  • Matching cabinets provide ample storage (sold separately)

Specifications: 45L X 45D X 45H cm

Suitable For: Marine & Coral

Aqua One NanoReef 80

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