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  • Granular activated carbon for aquarium water purification
  • Chemical filter media removes dissolved organic compounds
  • HydroCarbon2 does not leach the aquarium pollutant, phosphate


Remove dissolved organic compounds that pollute and discolor aquarium water. HydroCarbon2 is a high-capacity granular activated carbon designed for water purification. Diverse pore size and large pore volume provide rapid adsorption of aquarium pollutants, especially dissolved organic compounds. HydroCarbon2 resists clogging, has very low ash content, a neutral pH and positively does not leach phosphates. Versatile and long-lasting HydroCarbon2 can be use in high-flow and low-flow applications and after months of use, it also becomes a very active biological filtration community full of beneficial bacteria and microorganisms. One liter treats approximately 400 gallons. For marine and freshwater aquariums. Use with a filter media bag. 


Use approximately 1/2 cup of HydroCarbon2 per 50 gallons. Pour the required quantity into a polyester or nylon filter media bag. Rinse the carbon by immersing the closed filter media bag into a container of tap water. The porous carbon sizzles as it becomes hydrated. Shake the bag underwater. Lift and immerse underwater repeatedly in order to wash out most of the carbon fines.

Locating the HydroCarbon2
For the most rapid removal of water-staining organics and other pollutants, place the filter media bag of pre-rinsed HydroCarbon2 in a filter chamber where water flow is directed through it. Use filter floss before the filter media bag to trap fine particulate matter that could clog the filter media bag. Hydro Carbon2 may be used without a filter media bag in an external power filter or chemical reactor by installing filter floss or synthetic foam inserts above and beneath the carbon to retain it. HydroCarbon2 can also be used more passively by locating it in a filter chamber with a slow water feed.

When used in a high-flow filter chamber, be sure to close the filter media bag so that the carbon is kept tightly packed. This will prevent the granules from tumbling which could liberate carbon dust into the water. Keep container tightly closed to prevent air pollution from being absorbed.

HydroCarbon2 effectively removes ozone when located at the water stream exiting an ozone-contact chamber such as a protein skimmer. When used for this purpose, it should be changed once per month.

Rapid removal of yellowing substances dramatically affects the penetration of light in water, particularly UV light. This can adversely affect corals acclimated to a light spectrum altered by yellow water. They are unable to tolerate sudden exposure to UV wavelengths. If no activated carbon has been used for long periods without water change, be sure to shade the corals when the carbon is used. Acclimate corals to the new light condition gradually over the course of a few weeks.

General Information
HydroCarbon2 is a granular activated carbon designed specifically for the purification of water. It is manufactured by steam activation and acid washing of a special Lignite material under carefully controlled conditions that produce an active carbon most suitable for aquariums. It is extremely porous, has very low ash content, a neutral pH and positively does not leach phosphates.

HydroCarbon2 has a wide range of pore size and large pore volume that provide a rapid adsorption rate plus a high capacity for dissolved organic compounds. It has an extremely high capacity for removing water-yellowing tannic and humic compounds and adsorbs both large and small molecular pollutants including defensive substances release into the water by soft and stony corals.

The macroporous structure of HydroCarbon2 also affords a high ability to resist clogging that can interfere with the adsorption of dissolved organic substances. The granules are the optimum uniform size for high-capacity filters, allowing evenly distributed flow of water at high velocity with minimal back pressure.


HydroCarbon2 has a long useful life. After months of use, it also becomes a very active biological filtration community full of beneficial bacteria and microorganisms. It can thus be used as a biological nitrification and denitrification media or to seed new aquariums with active bacteria cultures.

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