Sera Test NO3


Sera Test NO3 - Nitrate


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Sera Test NO3

Sera Nitrate Test Kit (60 Tests) makes it easy to regularly monitor the nitrate (NO2) level in freshwater and saltwater aquariums as well as ponds.

Nitrate (NO3) is an indicator for severe organic pollution. The source of this organic pollution should be eliminated, a partial water change provides immediate help. In the long run, filtering through sera siporax Professional helps avoiding nitrate enrichment. 

 Included in the Kit:

  • Glass Vial - 20ml
  • Measurement Spoon
  • Color Chart
  • Instruction Manual
  • Reagent 1 - 15ml (dropper bottle)
  • Reagent 2 - 15ml (dropper bottle)
  • Reagent 3 - powder (tube)
  • Reagent 4 - 15ml (dropper bottle)

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