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Seneye Home

Ever lost a fish and not know why?

Ever experience new tank syndrome and wished there was a way of knowing when the water is safe for your fish?

With a Seneye Home it’s now possible for even the most inexperienced fish keeper to be successful and become an expert. Automatic monitoring with a Seneye Home can save fish from the devastating effects of ammonia poisoning, as well as from harmful swings in pH and temperature. The intelligent software can even alert the you before there is a problem, so you can relax and enjoy without having to worry - all this and it’s so simple to use.

As the Seneye devices are USB there are multiple connection options available. When connected to the Power Adaptor readings are stored every hour and flashing lights on the device indicate if there is a problem. Readings are stored for 35 days and are automatically uploaded once reconnected to a PC.


  • Automatically test multiple life critical parameters

  • Works with all aquariums: coldwater, tropical and marine

  • Easy to install, simply drop in

  • Constantly watching your aquarium, 5600 readings per month

  • Customisable alerts, directly to e-mail and SMS*

  • Upload results and get straightforward advice*

  • Connect to a computer or optional USB Power Adaptor

      *some features only available with Seneye+

Seneye Home Monitors:

  • Temperature - Constantly monitors water temperature (0°C to 40°C), so you can get an alert if your heater breaks.

  • Free Ammonia - Monitors the highly toxic free ammonia (NH3) at very low levels (0 ppm to 0.500 ppm), so you can stop your fish from dying from Ammonia poisoning.

  • pH - The Seneye monitors pH in your aquarium or pond water between 6.4 and 9. This range is ideal for most aquatic life and by monitoring this range increased accuracy has be achieved.

  • Total Light - Monitor your light levels over the course of the day and know if if your lights fail.

  • Water Level - Readings are only taken when the seneye device is in water, no false readings.

Seneye Home Package Includes:

  • Seneye Home Device

  • Seneye+ Slide (First Month)

  • Suction Cup

  • Quick Start Guide

System Requirements:

  • Windows PC with a wired or wireless network and TCP/IP protocol, Windows XP, Vista 32-/64-bit, or Windows 7 32-/64bit

  • Full speed USB 1.0 port

  • Minimum 1Ghz processor and 128mb RAM

  • Internet Browser: Internet Explorer 8.0+, Firefox 4.0+, Safari 4.0+ & CHROME

  • Download of seneye connect application required from

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