Seachem CO2 Diffuser Bubble Counter


Seachem Glass Diffuser Bubble Counting 23mm

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Seachem Spiral Bubble Counting Diffuser - Glassware

  • Seachem Spiral Bubble Counting Diffuser Bubble Counting Diffuser is a two in one - firstly you can diffuse the CO2 and count the bubbles being delivered.


  • Spiral Bubble Counting Diffuser
  • For aquariums up to 75 L
  • Large surface area of diffuser disc ideal for high volumes of CO2 gas
  • Built in bubble counter makes the use of a separate bubble counter unnecessary
  • Simple and easy to use 


The Spiral Bubble Counting Diffuser is a pollen style CO2 diffuser that connects to CO2 injection systems to easily disperse CO2 gas into the planted aquarium.

The built-in spiral bubble counter allows for easy monitoring of the rate of CO2 injection.

The inclusion of a bubble counter in the diffuser makes the use of a bubble counter on the CO2 tank or in-line unnecessary.

The Spiral Bubble Counting Diffuser has a 23 mm disc.

Compatible with 6 mm (1/4") - Standard Airline Tubing. Suction cup included.



  • Rinse glassware with warm water.
  • Attach suction cup and desired tubing (Compatible with 6 mm (1/4") - Standard Airline Tubing) to the diffuser.
  • To attach tubing to glassware, wet the inside of the tubing with water at the attachment point and carefully slide tubing over glass.
  • The use of other lubricants is not advisable as these usually make the tubing slide off of the glassware too easily.
  • To avoid breakage when removing tubing, do not pull tubing off of glassware. Instead, cut tubing carefully along the attachment length to release the glassware.
  • Mount your diffuser using the suction cup(s).
  • It should be positioned low in the aquarium.
  • When removing or repositioning the diffuser, pull by the suction cup(s) rather than the glass to avoid breakage.
  • Install check valve (not included) inline with tubing outside of the aquarium 
  • Once securely mounted, turn on CO2. Observe bubble count and adjust CO2 to desired flow rate.

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