Red Sea Reef Energy A 500ml

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Red Sea Reef Energy A 500ml

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Red Sea Reef Energy A 500ml

Most of the corals in reef aquariums are considered to be photosynthetic as they recieve the majority of their energy requirements from their photosynthetic, symbiotic zooxanthellae algae. In nature these corals derive approx 85% of their energy from the zooxanthellae and produce the remaining 15% in their soft tissue by metabolizing nutrients that are available in the surrounding water.

It is therefore essential to provide a balanced mix of the carbohydrates, vitamins, amino & fatty acids to meet the corals energy demands. The amount of coral nutrients required will be dependent on the type of corals stocked. The nutritional requirements of SPS corals in particular are also dependent on the levels of algae nutrients (nitrate & phosphate) in the water. In reduced algae nutrient systems e.g. when using Red Sea’s NO3:PO4-X, the amount of energy the corals receive from the zooxanthellae is significantly reduced and therefore higher levels of coral nutrients must be provided to meet the corals energy demands.

Due to undesirable interactions between the various components necessary to meet the complete nutritional requirements of the corals, Red Sea’s Reef Energy nutrition program is divided into 2 complimentary products: Reef Energy A and Reef Energy B.

Reef Energy A is a unique formulation of carbohydrates, amino acids, fatty acids and suspended proteins flocks that are available for direct consumption and absorption by the corals. Every component has been proven to be utilized in the metabolic processes of coral protein production and soft tissue regeneration and therefore does not introduce any unnecessary organic material to the system. Reef Energy A stimulates extension of the polyps and soft tissue helping the coral to optimize nutrient consumption by expanding its surface area for absorption.

Note: The protein flocks consist of amino acids (tryptophan) and fatty acids that are produced naturally inside each bottle by a very light, alcohol free, aerobic fermentation process.


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