Precision Solutions Flatworm Solution 30ml

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Precision Solutions Flatworm Solution 30ml

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Precision Solutions Flatworm Solution 30ml

Treats flatworms in marine and reef aquariums

Use Flatworm Solution for the treatment of Flatworms in marine and reef aquariums. This package will treat 400 gallons (1514 liters). Flatworm Solution is safe for both reef and fish only aquariums.

Precision Solutions products are manufactured and owned by the original creator and owner of the old Blue Life range of solutions many years ago.  He has recently improved on the old formulas and updated the product to be even better and more effective under the newer brand of Precision Solutions.

Precision Solutions represents modern formulas that are safe, effective and better value for money.

Precision Solutions provide up to 50% more at the same price as other brands, whilst maintaining more efficient results and product integrity.


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