Kessil Extended Slide Bar


Kessil Extended Slide Bar



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Kessil Extended Slide Bar

The Extended Slide Bar lengthens the reach of the Mounting Arms by up to 3.5". This accessory gives users with wider tanks (≈25"-32") the ability to mount their Kessil lights precisely where needed. Easy installation and sturdy construction make the Extended Slide Bar a great accessory for any large tank owner.


Part Number KSASB02

Weight 0.42lb / 0.19kg

Dimensions ø 0.86" x L 12.76"


Compatible With Mounting Arms Only

Length X should be half the width of your aquarium. 

For 25" width, X=12 1/2"; For 32" width, X=16".



2 units required for AP700



A360 / A160


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