Fish Fuel Turtle Food 110g

Fish Fuel

Fish Fuel Turtle Food 110g

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Ingredients :

  • Premium quality fish, prawns, New Zealand green lip mussels, lean roo silverside, clams, squid, krill pacifica, octopus, green beans, zucchini, carrot, corn, spinach, wheat germ, spirulina algae and dietary fibre
  • Fortified with leading animal nutririon company Wombaroo's customised multi-vitamin and minerals formula including essential fatty acids omega 3, 6, & 9 as well as vitamin D3 and calcium, essential for strong and healty shell development



  • These feeding instruction should be used as a guide only, as there are many variables to take into consideration when feeding your turtle, such as the water temperature, the size of the turtle and whether your turtle is still growing.
  • Care must be taken so not to over-feed or under-feed your turtle as both can cause problems
  • if you feed your turtle a frozen cube, 5-10 minutes of feeding time should be enough time for your turtle to eat enough food to sustain it until the next feeding time
  • If you first thaw the cube in a glass of cold water and then give to your turtle, then allow just a minute or two of feeding
  • Thawing the cube in a glass of cold water for 5 minutes will make it easier for smaller juvenile turtles to feed.
  • Never thaw in a hot water or the microwave as it will break down essential nutrients in the food
  • Always remove any uneaten food


Ideal for adult carnivorous and omnivorous turtles

110 grams - 35 cubes


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