Fish Fuel Heart & Prawns 110g

Fish Fuel

Fish Fuel Heart & Prawns 110g



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Ingredients :

  • Premium quality trimmed hearts, prawn, dietary fibre and natural seaweed binder 
  • Fish Fuel Co.Heart and Prawn Fish Food is fortified with leading animal nutririon company Wombaroo's customised multi-vitamins and minerals formula including essential fatty acids omega 3,6 &9


Direction :

  • Simply drop the frozen cube into the aquarium
  • Alternatively, you can thaw the cube in a glass with water taken from the aquarium
  • The food will quickly thaw and can be gently broken apart with a fork then poured back into the aquarium near the fish
  • Never use hot water or microwave, It will break down essential nutrients
  • Always remove any uneaten food to maintain good water quality
  • Feed twice daily, morning and night
  • Only feed your fish the amount they can eat within 3 minutes


Ideal for all top level freshwater carnivores including Cichilds, Discus, Angels and Axolotis 

110 grams - 35 cubes

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