EKoral 4 Channel Automatic Doser


Ekoral 4 Channel Automatic Doser



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E-Koral 4 Channel Automatic Doser

  • Automatic dosing and monitor system, you can use eK Doser with a regulated dosing schedule to provide an idea environment for your reefs to live and grow.

Finally a sexy, sleek and extremely reliable 4 channel wifi doser on the market. The EKoral doser comes included with all parts and accessories needed for immediate plug and play dosing. The app is free and absolutely flawless. Control your dosing unit from anywhere in the world with an app so well designed and user friendly, you'll wonder why you didn't add a dosing unit to your aquarium sooner!

Can be used to dose all your main elements such as calcium, alkalinity and magnesium. But of course it doesn't stop there. You can also dose your favourite trace elements such as Coral Essentials black label range, amino and gro formulas too!


  • Pre-set scheduler
  • Customize dosing time

Variable Speed Pump

  • Three Speed Rate
  • 20-40 ml/min
  • Calibration and Accuracy

Delay-time Protection

  • Interval Dosing
  • Avoid Interaction Effect

WiFi Connection


  • Remote Control
  • Expandability
  • OTA Update

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