Eheim Air Pump 100


Eheim Air Pump 100


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EHEIM Air Pump – Quiet Air Supply

  • complete with adjustable air stone (giving different size bubbles)   
  • Output from 100 – 400 l (twin outlets)   
  • Easily adjustable individual outflows   
  • Air flow can be regulated via EHEIM Diffusers   
  • EHEIM Diffusers are washable and reusable   
  • Clog-free   
  • Higher oxygen flow rate   
  • Low wattage   
  • 3-yr warranty

Power output is extremely quiet and is adjustable in all three models: once in the smallest model of the series, twice in the medium-sized and large air pump. Thus both air outlets can be adjusted separately in the larger models.All 3 models are supplied fully equipped. That means: Air hose and EHEIM outflow unit(s) included.

The 200 l and 400 l models are delivered with 2 outflow units and the 100 l air pump comes with 1 outflow unit.The supplied EHEIM outflow unit is also adjustable. Thus the bubbling pattern can be easily adjusted to your taste and the requirements of your aquarium.

EHEIM air pump 100

EAN 4011708370032
Article No. 3701010
UPC (-)
Pump power per hour at 50 Hz of 100.00 l
Pumping head at 50 Hz approx. (H max) 2.00 m
Power at 50 Hz of 3.50 watt
Width 89.00 mm
Height 152.00 mm
Depth 71.00 mm
Hose Ø pressure side 4.00 mm
voltage 230 volt
Frequency 50 Hz
Standard power plug AUS
Packing 3 Part (s)
Packing dimensions(Width) 14.50 cm
Packing dimensions(Height) 24.00 cm
Packing dimensions(Depth) 8.50 cm
Freshwater yes
Sea water yes


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