Dalua SS Mantra 120


- Dalua SS Mantra 120

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The Dalua MANTRA gives you the extra depth and width of light coverage to make your corals thrive and fish look amazing. Perfect for tropical planted tanks that don’t need full spectrum control but still need a high quality lighting system for strong coral growth.


With an improved depth penetration of 90cm and 75cm for width, there should not be a tank that the MANTRA can not light. Also includes legs and a hanging kit and available in sizes from 2 feet and up to 5 feet with separate white and blue power cords so you can add your own external timer and achieve that dark blue moonlight effect.


MANTRA - 120

  • 48 X 3 watt Bridgelux LED's
  • 24:24 white:blue/ocean blue
  • 5,500 lumens
  • 12,000k - 20,000k
  • Blue LED's 460nm, 420nm
  • 1200mm x 203mm x 42mm
  • 2 power cords
  • 8.5 kgs 

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