Continuum Aquatics Reef Basis Reactor 2L

Continuum Aquatics

Continuum Aquatics Reef Basis Reactor 2L


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Continuum Aquatics Reef Basis Reactor
Fortified liquid aragonite suspension for all marine fish & reef aquaria

  • Reef•Basis Reactor is a one step calcium buffer system that will provide calcium as well as carbonates and other minerals for rapid growth of coralline algae, corals, clams and other marine invertebrates.
  • Because it is made from expensive marine aragonite, it will not pollute your system like inexpensive aquatic muds of terrestrial origin may.
  • It also contains no terestrial mud which could contain no telling what nor acetate, gluconates, polygluconates or other unnecessary organics to pollute your aquarium.
  • It is phosphate and nitrate free. 



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