Continuum Aquatics Basis Power Cleanse XL 500ml

Continuum Aquatics

Continuum Aquatics Basis Power Cleanse XL 500ml

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Continuum Aquatics Basis Power Cleanse XL
Superior technology high affinity regenerable organic adsorption resin for marine and freshwater aquariums

  • Basis Power•Cleanse XL is a supreme quality high activity synthetic filtration resin particularly selected for sensitive aquarium environments.
  • Power•Cleanse XL contains huge numbers of mesopores and macropores suited to adsorption of a wide range of organic pollutants with zero impact on trace minerals and pH.
  • Power•Cleanse XL will remove stains, dissolved organics and toxic gases in marine, brackish and freshwater systems.
  • It will outperform carbon in many environments and is more economical because it can be regenerated.
  • It turns brown or shades of yellow indicating exhaustion and need for regeneration.
  • It is regenerable over and over again for a minimum of 2 years in normal use.



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