CaribSea NO-NO3 Sulfur/Aragonite Blend 1gal 3.78L


- CaribSea NO-NO3 Sulfur/Aragonite Blend 1gal 3.78L



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CaribSea NO-NO3 Sulfur/Aragonite Blend 1gal 3.78L

When utilized properly, NO-NO3TM will reduce nitrates safely.

Nitrate troubles? Sulfur denitrification is a tried and true method that has been used for years in commercial water treatment. Current practice shows that sulfur based denitrators hold promise for significant nitrate reduction in heavily bio-loaded aquarium systems too. These biologically driven denitrator/reactors rely on a combination of pure sulfur, aragonite and sulfur reducing bacteria. NO-NO3TM is a ready to use blend of sulfur and aragonite for simple sulfur denitrification.

Frequently Asked Questions

In what type of reactor would I use NO-NO3TM?

NO-NO3TM is an experimental sulfur based media that is made to be used in single phase, slow flow, sulfur reactors or below plenums in Jaubert Systems.

How does NO-NO3TM work?

NO-NO3TM works in the same way that ARMTM works. The differences between the products are that while LSMTM is all elemental sulfur, NO-NO3TM is elemental sulfur mixed with ARMTM. This makes it more useful for modified Jaubert systems and other experimental applications.


Place NO-NO3TM in any oxygen restricted environment. A typical system will employ a canister with a means to control water flow rate. As with any experimental project, we do not recommend putting a significant amount of sea life at immediate risk, nor risk the health of well established systems without a thorough testing of the effluent parameters first.

Note: Nitrate reduction with sulfur may produce an odor. Due to the experimental nature of sulfur based de-nitrification, the manufacturer accepts no responsibility for the use of this product.

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