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- Altolamprologus Calvus White

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Altolamprologus Calvus White

Scientific name: Altolamprologus calvus "White chaitika"
Trade name: White calvus 
Natural habitat: Rocky shores in Lake Tanganyika
Food in the lake: Small crustaceans and insect larvae. Eats small fish too.
Food in the aquarium: A mix of relatively small quality pellets, flakes, krill, artemia, etc fed sparingly. No mammal meat!
Behaviour in  aquarium:  The males are rather peaceful to other cichlids, but they do chase each other. 
Tankmates: Other quiet and peaceful Tanganyika cichlids. No Tropheus or Petrochromis 
Maximal size: Can vary quite a bit depending on water quality and food amount. Grows to about 12 cm.
Aquarium: At least a tank of  >200L with a sufficient amount of rocks and caves. A sand bottom, pH between 8 - 8.5, temperature about 25°C

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