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- Cal Aqua Labs Shine 500ml

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Cal Aqua Labs Shine 500ml


Description: Potassium is an essential macronutrient required in large quantities. It helps maintain proper function of various processes that regulate plant growth. It is often one of the first nutrients to become deficient in a planted tank, and thus must be supplied regularly to sustain healthy plant growth.
SHINE is a highly concentrated mix of Potassium salt and organic acid growth enhancers. It should be added regularly to ensure a continuous supply required for proper plant growth.

When to use: It is best to ensure that a sufficient supply of Potassium is always present. Begin using SHINE one week after setup. Continuous use is highly recommended.

Dose: Add 1 pump to 100 liters of water daily, or 10 pumps to 100 liters of water weekly. Dose may be increased in densly-planted aquariums as required. Keep away from children.

Volume: 500 ml.

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