Cal Aqua Labs Clip CO2 Checker (With Suction)

Cal Aqua Labs

Cal Aqua Labs Clip CO2 Checker (With Suction)

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Most glass CO2 checkers on the market today can only be attached to either the left or the right side of the aquarium, and all the checkers on the market requires that the entire unit be completely submerged INSIDE the tank. This may by inconvenient especially for small tanks, where space is limited and the presence of the device can distract you from your aquascape.

Cal Aqua Labs' CLIP is the first CO2 checker that can be mounted on either the left, right, or the back side of the aquarium, allowing greater flexibility in the device's placement within the aquarium. It's low visual profile takes up very little space and minimizes distraction from your aquascape. For rimless aquariums and nano tanks, it can also be hung on the rim with most of the unit outside the tank. This provides unsurpassed clarity, greatly minimizes the amount of equipment inside the aquarium, and prevents debris buildup on the unit itself. Furthermore, the white background behind the bulb of the unit makes color readings easy and accurate. Never before has a CO2 checker been so versatile!


  • hand-crafted from the highest quality laboratory-grade borosilicate glass
  • Highly flexible placement
  • Can be hung on the rim of rimless aquariums (glass thickness less than 10 mm)
  • The CLIP CO2 checker is the first CO2 checker that can be mounted in all 4 sides of the aquarium
  • Solid white background behind bulb provides easy and accurate reading
  • Low visual profile
  • Supplied with 15ml Indicator Solution (4dKH). No mixing nor preparation required.
  • Perfect for aquariums 1-55 gallons

Supplied with one suction cup and 15 ml Indicator Solution.

Approximate size of unit without suction cup: 3.5 cm x 5 cm (W x H)

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